Virtual Reality: Should Christians Adopt or Avoid It?

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Myke Hurley and CGP Grey discuss their first virtual reality (VR) experience in hushed tones. They joke of sounding like drug users talking about their first high. “I feel my life is fundamentally different now,” says Grey, “I see the world differently.” The hosts of Cortex, a popular podcast on work and technology, are convinced that VR will quite literally change the world.

Early reviews of VR have drawn a range of responses from anticipation to alarm, with some even suggesting that VR will change the way we experience church. In an interview with Hypergrid Business, Presbyterian pastor Christopher Benek explained that with VR “we may soon be able to easily develop virtual worship and Christian education experiences. This would be a great asset to the church universal, as it will enable the infirm, homebound, and potentially even the poor to participate from afar regardless of their...

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